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Although riding a motorcycle can be enjoyable and recreational, it can also be extremely dangerous. Unlike other vehicles such as cars and trucks, motorcycles are not surrounded by walls of protective steel — and they don’t offer the operator or passengers the protection of airbags in the event of a collision. As a result, motorcycle accidents are often severe and lead to catastrophic injuries or fatality.

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be physically painful, emotionally stressful, and financially overwhelming. If the carelessness or recklessness of another driver caused your motorcycle accident, they may be held liable for your damages. Providing aggressive representation to victims of motorcycle crashes, Attorney Rick Madore works diligently to ensure the responsible party answers for their negligence on the road and the injuries they caused you to suffer.

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Regardless of whether you’re on a motorcycle or driving a car, others on the road owe you a reasonable duty of care. However, operators of larger vehicles don’t always look out for motorcyclists — and just one moment of another driver’s distraction or inattention can change your life forever. In addition, motorcycle accidents can arise due to any number of reasons, including drunk driving and negligently maintained vehicles.

Other causes of motorcycle accidents in Massachusetts can include:

  • Failure to yield
  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence
  • Hazardous road conditions
  • Motorcycle defects or malfunctions
  • Disregard of traffic signals
  • Cellphone use or texting
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Inexperienced drivers

No two motorcycle accident cases are the same, and no two victims are affected by their injuries in the same way. Giving each case the personalized time and attention it deserves, Attorney Rick Madore carefully assesses each claim to identify all potential avenues of recovery. With a focus on the quality of the results he obtains, Rick takes the time to understand how each client’s injuries impact their life and walks them through every step of the legal process.

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The circumstances surrounding every motorcycle accident are unique and determining liability can be complex. In some cases, there may be a party besides another driver who might be held accountable for the crash. For instance, a municipality may be to blame if it failed to repair a dangerous condition in the road that caused your accident. A corporation may be at fault in addition to a defendant driver.

Regardless of who the responsible party is in a motorcycle accident, they will usually attempt to shift the blame to the victim. Importantly, Massachusetts follows the rule of comparative negligence. Under this doctrine, a victim may be eligible to recover compensation in a personal injury action as long as they are less than 51 percent at fault for the accident. The total amount of monetary recovery would be reduced by the plaintiff’s percentage of fault.

It’s imperative to seek medical treatment immediately following a motorcycle collision if you suffered an injury. Not only is this essential for your health, but it is also necessary to adequately document your case. Medical evidence is paramount in a personal injury case to establishing the link between the accident and your injuries. These records can also demonstrate the impact your injuries have on your daily life and livelihood.

Offering skillful advocacy and trusted representation, Attorney Rick Madore carefully investigates the facts of each case to determine liability. Leaving no stone unturned, he will evaluate the strength of the evidence, identify any weaknesses in your claim, and develop a comprehensive strategy to help ensure you achieve a positive outcome.

Let Us Recover Your Compensation While You Recover From Your Injuries

Since there is no protection between a motorcyclist and the road, the injuries sustained in a collision are usually severe. They may include road burn, disfigurement, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, facial fractures, internal organ injuries, and broken bones. Not only can these types of injuries result in permanent disability, but you may be unable to work, participate in the activities you once enjoyed, and require assistance with household tasks.

Under Massachusetts law, a motorcycle accident victim may be entitled to recover a wide variety of damages in a personal injury action, including their economic and noneconomic losses. While economic damages are meant to compensate for the financial losses you incurred due to your accident-related injuries, noneconomic damages cover losses that are much more difficult to quantify — such as your pain and suffering.

By filing a personal injury action, you may be entitled to recover the following economic and noneconomic damages:

  • Medical expenses, emergency room bills, hospital costs, surgery expenses
  • Physical rehabilitation and future medical costs
  • Out-of-pocket costs for medication and medical equipment
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Loss of consortium and companionship
  • Physical pain and mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Replacement services loss
  • Punitive damages in certain cases

Unlike in auto accidents, personal injury protection (also known as PIP coverage) typically doesn’t apply in Massachusetts motorcycle collisions. Unfortunately, this means that a motorcycle accident victim cannot recover their medical expenses and lost wages from an insurance company through a PIP claim. But they can still recover for these economic losses — as well as their pain and suffering — by filing a personal injury claim against those responsible for their injuries.

If you’ve been in a motorcycle crash, your focus should be on one thing — recovering from your injuries. Attorney Rick Madore knows how emotionally difficult and financially stressful life can be for you and your family after a motorcycle accident. Handling each case with diligence and precision, he is committed to providing vigorous advocacy and delivering high-quality results.

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