Attorney Madore is phenomenal at what he does. I would recommend him/his services to anyone. I hired him to assist me with my SSDI claim. He was instrumental to the successful outcome of my claim. I simply could not have done it without his expertise. He skillfully guided me through the entire claims process, navigated through the subsequent appeal process and ultimately the successful outcome of my hearing in front of the judge. I attribute this success entirely to my Attorney Rick Madore. I was so impressed with his professionalism and depth of knowledge on the subject. I will be forever grateful for the legal services he provided me. Worth every penny.

– Susan M., ★★★★★

Grateful to have found and worked with Attorney Madore. I needed someone patient to help with my SSDI case who was not frustrated by my difficulties with anxiety due to PTSD and chronic illness. I am glad he was on the other end of the phone for all the information needed. I really did need that help with the least stress possible considering the challenges of the process. I do recommend Richard, maybe especially for folks with complicated illness such as Lyme and PTSD.

– Susan L., ★★★★★

Attorney Madore was amazing from start to finish! I consulted and then hired him to help with getting Social Security benefits following a car accident that changed my life forever. Our first meeting was at my home and I instantly knew that he would be true to his word. He has certainly proved that to me on more than one occasion. He guided me at every step and in the end, he helped me get the benefits that I deserved which has changed my life and my family's as well. Attorney Madore worked diligently to make sure that all my records were submitted and kept me informed throughout the process. He gave me peace of mind at a time when I truly needed it. I would highly recommend this incredibly skilled attorney and not only for his legal expertise but also because he is a very caring person. You are not just a case to him, you are a real person and he treats you with the utmost of respect.

– Lisa J., ★★★★★

I had failed to get things done by myself and also had spoken with another attorney who I felt was going to be tough to work with. I thought that an attorney worked for you, so I contacted attorney Madore and felt that I had known him. He was very professional, personable, and bottom line is I liked this guy.

– Frank H., ★★★★★

Rick handled a bicycle accident for me and I could not be happier with how he handled my case. He was always available, promptly answered all my questions and my case played out pretty much as Rick predicted. Once we agreed on how I wanted to have my case handled Rick followed through on all aspects. I am very happy with his services.

– Jeffrey W., ★★★★★

Mr. Madore helped me file for disability, something I would never have been able to handle on my own. When payments finally started, a portion of my claim had been denied. He helped me file an appeal to receive the retroactive payments we felt I was due. He took care of everything. I received those benefits today! Thanks to Mr. Madore, I will be able to move into a home that accommodates my condition.

– Laura B., ★★★★★

I met Rick through a referral from a former client. Rick handled a personal injury claim for me and did not fall short from his reputation. He was very caring and attentive through my entire ordeal and ongoing treatment, making sure I felt at ease with any questions or concerns I may have had. He was very good at keeping me informed on my case and where we were along the process, and was sure to touch base with me any time I reached out to him. I was extremely impressed by Rick and the overall result of my case. I had no idea my claim held such value but Rick made sure I received a very fair outcome. I couldn't be more impressed by Rick, his professionalism, work ethic and compassion. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone seeking representation.

– Tanisha P. , ★★★★★

Attorney Richard Madore is experienced, responsible, respectful and very helpful. I used Attorney Madore's services to settle a personal injury case. He kept me informed along the process and settled my case in a timely manner. I strongly recommend him and would definitely use his services again if needed.

– Anonymous, ★★★★★

Great Lawyer, got us the win! Rick kept me and my brother informed of every aspect of our disability cases, not only that, he got us our wins!!!! Thank you very much Rick, you truly are a good guy =)

– Nick H., ★★★★★

I found Rick by going through different attorneys that specialize in SSI and SSDI cases. Since the first phone call to him I knew he was the one I would hire. Good thing because it led to an absolutely outstanding relationship. He always spoke to me direct and guided me through every step along the way, which because of his hard work, persistence, and just really caring was the best result one can be awarded. So yes, I would absolutely 100% recommend attorney Richard Madore if you want to get the result you are seeking.

– Anonymous, ★★★★★

I met Rick randomly after a chance occurrence, told him how I had been injured, and he graciously offered to help me out. Within a week, Rick had met with me and had already made several phone calls. Throughout the duration of handling my case Rick was helpful, reassuring, and most of all just a good person to have on your side. Within 5 weeks, Rick had settled my case. If I had not met him and had he not been not only such a good lawyer but a good person, I'm not sure I would have done anything with my case. I highly recommend Rick, thanks so much for helping me out.

– Palmer M., ★★★★★

After two lawyers could not handle my case and bring it to a resolution I was discouraged and unsure of the ultimate result. Rick stopped in and worked on my case diligently and produced great results. The only thing I wish is that I had hired him from the very beginning. I highly recommend Rick to anyone who is looking for a decisive lawyer for their case!

– Val K., ★★★★★

Richard was a tremendous source of optimism and honesty that my father could rely on during his case. He was a true professional in all aspects during the process for which we were able to trust him in guiding my father towards positive results. Highly recommended.

– Ryan N., ★★★★★

Great guy, super professional and no BS - just straight forward and on point couldn't be happier with his work!!!

– Jennifer A., ★★★★★

I was referred to Attorney Madore during a case where I was severely injured while working. I suffered severe damage to my lower right leg and foot, along with almost crippling, permanent nerve damage in my right heel and ankle. I knew when needing benefits assistance I was going to need someone who knew exactly what they were doing and who was familiar with the disability process as it is not simple or easy to navigate on your own at all. Although I faced many challenges, Attorney Madore was able to prevail and wound up getting me approved even at such a young age where it is almost impossible to be approved. I have kept in touch with Attorney Madore over the years and he has always been willing to help me. He's not like most lawyers who just simply forget their clients and means it when he says ‘if you ever need anything, feel free to get in touch.’

– Robert F., ★★★★★

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